Architectural Cleanroom Envelopes

FH Chase, Inc is a contractor first. We own tools, equipment and trucks for our tradesmen to build your architectural envelope

We have the product vendors, Project Managers, and certifications in place to build your:

• Class 1 to Class 100k cleanroom from 250,000 sq.ft. to 1000 sq.ft..

• ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms for 23,250 sq.m to 95 sq.m

• Grade A Space to Clean – Unclassified

FH Chase provides Protocol Programs to the overall clean zone for your project. We include training of all personnel that enter the cleanroom. Protocol coaches are on site to work with newcomers to plan work methods that protect the cleanroom from contamination. We don’t just say “No”, we will help work out a solution. All gowning procedures and garments are provided.

Our satisfied client list from all over the world is testimony that our means and methods work.


We are not Construction Managers – We are Cleanroom Contractors.

We do not build buildings – We build cleanrooms inside them.

We have time tested and proven strategies for:
• Protocol Programs
• Sequencing/scheduling
• Layouts
• Furnishings
• Construction Monitoring
• Specifications
• Detailing
• Tool Fit Up



• IBM Corp
• Analog Devices, Inc.
• Fairchild Semiconductor
• National Semiconductor
• AZ Electronics Corp
• Global Foundries

Government / Military

• BAE Systems
• Kopin
• National Institute of Standards and Technology – Gaithersburg
• National Institute of Standards and Technology – Boulder